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these are my thoughts on being a single mother so far. I honestly do enjoy being a single mom. I think it is alot easier to raise my kid and mold her as a single mother than it is to raise her in a two parent household. With someone undermining my every rule and word. I mean here i think its like whatever I say goes. There is no one for my daughter to run to and say mommy is being unfair by not letting me stay up anoter hour. Or anythieng like that. Then again I know that when she becomes a teenager its going to be harder to keep track of her. But hopefully with open communication I can teach her to trust herself so I can trust her and she can be honest with me about wht her whereabouts are. I mean lookng back now on hte shildhood that I had I can now appreciate every time my mother nagged me to tell her where I am. Or I can appreciate everytime when she called my friends house to tell me to come home. She didnt do it to embarrase me or harras me its becaus she loved me soo much and she knew from her own experience that the world is a mean dangerous and scary place for a young girl. I also appreciate my mother forcing me to go to tutoring when i didnt want to or felt too embarased to ask for help in school.she did those things because she knew I needed help asnd the only reson why she knew was because she was a very involved mother. When I went to elemtary school my mother was at PTA meetings and parent/teacher confrences and All school trips. She was a very involved mom. When i was in a bad middle school my mother fought the principal and teachers to get me out of their and put me in a safer less "ghetto" enviroment. I didnt realize what she had done for me. I can only now appreciate what she had done for me because I am at a point in my life where i am mature enough to realize every annyoing thing me mom did to me wa out of love, and although she didnt explain that to me i can see it for myself now. I honestly do hope that I will be as great a mother as my mom was to me. Even with the punishments nad arguments nad evil thoughts i thought. I hope that I can protect my daughter and put her on a right path to be a better person than I emotionally/mentally and in her career path/education. I want her to see all the potential that she has and i hope that she fufills it. I do want my daughter to turn out like my older sister. She seemed to have gone down a great path, She finished college and became a teacher didnt get pregnant untill she after she was married and is now living comfortably with her husband and son. She has everything I want and now I want that for my daughter, I just hope that my older sister can guide my daughter to follow the path she did. I know there are going to be things that my daughter will not want to tell me and I hope that she can confide in my sister, and that my sister will understand and not make her feel strange.

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